30 September 2013

eh, hem.

i feel sheepish.
awkward to type.
you know when you have a pile of christmas thank-you notes? and there they sit, staring at you, halfway through january & then finally in february you just throw them away so you can rid yourself of the guilt?
that's how i feel.
the pictures from the end of august & ALL of september have been staring at me.
does that help?
i wanted to blog EVERY DAY!
but never got to it.

so HI!
did you have a nice september?
was it a good transition from summer to fall?
that has been what's happening here.
hot days slowly fading into sunny, but cooler days.
and they have felt good. (ok, lets not forget that they have also brought their fair share of seasonal allergies. LOTS of sneezing has filled my days.)

and OH!
i've been saving some funny Bentley quotes!

#1. riding in the car. B: why don't cows have to wear clothes? me: god made them with lots of hair to keep warm. B: I wish god would have made us like that. me: well we are made so special because we are made in gods image! B: I DON'T LOOK LIKE GOD, I DON'T HAVE A BEARD!

#2. shawn & B wresting. "dad you are tquishing me!" tquishing?? ooooh, SQuishing. Bentley say SSSquishing. "TQuishing!" no, SSSSSSSquishing! "TTTQuishing!" "DAD, THIS is JUST how I speak English!"

and now for a quick picture summery of what we have been up to...

end of august: car ride back to atkinson to spend time with ALL the kliewer family! B requested DJ to make him a dino.
lots of fun cousin time.

the in-laws. (we went on a siblings date & from our meal to dairy queen we split up this way!)

back in omaha// zoo trip with the cousins!

bentley & angelina- 3  shelby & Jedidiah 5 & 1 1/2
lots of cowboy days here.
so excited that football season is upon us AND that i have TWO cheerleader sisters!

apples from mom, pumpkin from shawns garden!

we spent an afternoon at the library! we must remember to do that more often.

still working wednesdays at jayz cafe! we usually have a quiche special. mom thought this one was especially perfect looking!

homecoming game! our little candidate! didn't get the crown, but she is OUR queen!

what the apples that didn't get eaten or used in apple crisp got turned into. apple sauce!

fall means school has started which means andrea has a few sub days which means jed comes to play! and play they do!
i feel better.
and now excited for october!
a fun month here.
and it's the month where we get busy again.
is september the only month we aren't busy?
i think so.
basketball practice for shawn starts a week from today!

i promise i will be back soon!
happy monday! (i've got to go start some laundry.)


Anonymous said...

welcome back to the blogging world! we all have missed your wise words, and your beautiful pictures!

love, YOUR queen ;)

Beth said...

I have been patiently waiting! Love all the pics - the apples, pumpkin! Elsie and Carol and all the cutest of cousin kids!

vcr said...

every picture i think, "bentley has such great hair!!"

Andrea said...

I love that inlaws picture. I think it's so funny that dj is the only guy and i've never realized it.

hello blogging world....we're baaaaaaaack!

summer said...

LOVE this post! (the thank you note analogy especially- so true) missed your blog so much! cannot wait for more! I totally feel you with bball starting soon. This year, for the first year since we've been married, Grant is NOT coaching and we are sad but also super excited!! (he would have to miss like half the games, because of his grad school class)

Anonymous said...

love love love to read this!! nothing better than seeing a new post :)

-elsielynn :)

Kathy said...

Loved to see another blog too, but I understand not getting to it and always having it in the back of your mind. It's OK. Loved the picture of the apples and pumpkin. Cute B jokes. Kids say the funniest things.