19 August 2013


this summer our trip to kansas was a little different than usual.
usually, we go down some time in june to help with wheat harvest.
due to weather & crop issues there wasn't need for our help this year.
so we just scheduled a weekend for us all to hang out!
it was such a great time!
it was relaxing just to be on the farm, eat meals together, & let the kids play!

intense kansas clouds!

so glad to be with grandma!

and less then 10 minutes of being on the farm...mud.

Jed, Gage, Bentley, & Lane. the guys.

little Logan sneaking in with the big boys!

she loved to have shawn hold her.

the newest baby, Andelyn! B was smitten.

the back sink is a favorite. shawn looks through the doorway "anna, is bentley supposed to be naked?" (no, he wasn't)

a highlight of the trip--3 wheeler rides with uncle wayne!

i love checking the grocery list.

a turtle the boys caught!

we ALL got to play beauty shop with celine!

celebrated an early birthday for andrea!

first time seeing a scorpion in waynes kitchen. celine saved me from stepping on it!

such a beautiful reminder of gods promises to us!

if you want to see even more pictures, check out andrea's blog!

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