02 July 2013

bentley's 3rd birthday: micky mouse party!

there aren't to many details from the party that won't be self explanatory in the following 54 pictures.  andrea told me she was on picture duty.
what a gift!
i couldn't really narrow down to only a few favorites.

since B has a summer birthday, we stick to the same simple menu:
-hotdogs & cheese burgers
-veggy tray
-salad (this year it was blue jello-actually a blue "pear salad")

-cake* & or rootbeer floats
*i will note, in the past we have had some pretty fancy cupcakes made by andrea, but i asked bentley what he wanted this year "hmm, we haven't had cake in forever, mom!"

the decor was (of course) a banner, balloons, & micky toys dug out of the toy box.
keeping it simple!
starting the day off right at duncan donuts!

oh yes, i also slapped some stickers on some cups.

ok ok, cut out & ironed on a 3.

he had been waiting for presents since he woke up. no being shy about it.

my meema & poppa

aunt kerri & uncle jared

when i asked him what his favorite thing about the party was- "squirting kerri!"

grandpa phil & grandma kathy made sure he had got everything on his list.

aunt andrea, jedidiah, & uncle DJ

the mini cake i ordered

its always good to have your mom cut perfect squares

overall a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

He has the best smiles!!!!! Where is a duncan donuts? I want to go there too!!!! Happy Birthday Bentley! ! Love aunt anneneemann

vcr said...

happy happy birthday!!!! looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your cake. great job on the pics andrea!