27 June 2013

three years old.

on monday, june 24 at 3:41 pm Bentley Von Kliewer turned three years old.
the day was extremely bittersweet.
birthdays are awesome (that was the sweet)!
but my boy keeps getting older(that was the slightly bitter).

but i love seeing his personality shine through! so i suppose the natural age progression is a good thing. a few weeks before his birthday we were talking about him getting older, i said i just can't believe you will be three, what happened to my tiny baby?! he cried. and then declared he would be turning two. "i can be two & then two, mom!" ooops. so we made a pretty big deal about how much we needed a three year old. and so far he has been enjoying it.

Bentley Von, 3 years old...
-loves shows (cartoons)
-obsessed with candy/all sweets
-is dads helper
-plays knives & swords
-best at snuggling with me
-still stays up late & sleeps in (nothing new there)
-eats better meals for dad
-has a memory that is mind blowing
-memorizes song lyrics so fast
-got a bible for his birthday & loves reading about david & goliath
-scared of bugs
-wants to catch a rabbit from the yard
-extremely tender heart for little babies
-sassy to aunt caroline
-loves to name his aunts & uncles & all the nicknames they have for him (billy bob, buddy, bubba, baby, bent)
-always interested in talking about body parts
-has to make the distinction between if something is "real food" or "sugar"
-loves farm milk
-loves to make smoothies
-applesauce pouches are a fave
-facial expressions are out of this world
-still loves being wrapped up in a towel as a bath baby
-your speedy running legs melt me every time
-you know what jokes to bust out to get a good laugh

You are our sweet treasure! We are so blessed that The Lord chose us to be your parents. Every day has its laughs, tears, & challenges but we are so excited to be on this journey together. 

                                                                                                     Mama & Dada

{birthday party pictures + three year old photo shoot to come!
andrea put herself on party picture duty & i know for a fact there are a lot of fun pictures!}


Kathy said...

His smiles are so cute in that chair. You can see he has a little tease in him.(Just joking)I love when he does that. Thanks so much for the party. It was fun.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENTLEY! !! I love the blue chair pictures so much. I remember his 1 month one! He's been so fun to watch grow up! Oh billy we all love you!!!!!