07 July 2013

the 3rd & 4th of July (& 6th)

celebrating america is so fun! family, food, fun, fireworks.
what more do we need?!
we love this holiday so much we have to drag it out as long as possible!
the town of springfield agrees.
there have been booms going off all week!
shawn & bentley walked down to the firework stand quite a few nights.
a favorite this year were smoke bombs & snaps.
bentley ran in the house one night, "MOM, i need a lighter! dad is going to do a BOMB!"

i love red white & blue jello

he loved snaps

sunshine & donuts. best summer combo ever!

new little "beach" area

red white & blue sisters!

joe & cousin westley

he played in the pool for so long!

the 4th at the Thompsons

Ashland firework show. B took a nap, but woke up for the show!

visiting the Green's. driving the '62 pickup

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