21 May 2013


May has been the month of many emotions.
every emotion.
confused about snow,
thrilled about 100 degrees!

on may 19th, 2013 our little 10 week old in utero baby went home to be with our Lord.

i have always had a fear of losing a little baby.
i know its common, i know many women have,
but i didn't think i could live through it.
but you know what?
i can.

i've been in very close communication with God.
ending with your will be done.

and it was.

god knows what's best for our family.
he also gives the peace that passes all understanding.
and friends to bring you dinner,
cry really hard with you on the phone,
& skittles for the boy.

when explaining to bentley that "bubbly bath" baby (his name choice) went back up to heaven, & we will just have to wait a little longer for another baby to be in our family (who will then be named "sleeper booboo") he simply replied with "AWE!" as in, awe shucks.
i like his perspective.
we are disappointed,
but we know heaven is an awesome place for that baby to be.

{bright spots in our month}
in bed with a not sleepy boy

snow on may 2. not a record i like to set.

high school concert

sunny days!

a trip to louisville for ice cream!

mothers day!

awana awards night--our little puggle getting his "eeward!"

thank you, aunt caroline!     

had to finish his supper before he could get down...so he fell asleep.

my memory verse for this past week

we surprised phil & went back to atkinson to celebrate his retirement- 39 years of teaching!

no little toy gun for bentley, so grandpa made one.

the guys helping take down a tree!
doing work too

lots of work to do!

next month he will be three? oh my.

a beautiful monday for joe's track & field day!

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Camella said...

so sorry to read your sad news. praying for healing over you & peace in your heart. its so hard to say goodbye to the little one you couldn't wait to meet- i've totally been there.