30 April 2013

in a weeks time.

it seemed like we spent the large majority of last week taking care of a sick boy.
and by taking care of i mean laying on the couch, all snuggled, watching a show.
and making sure he had water with a straw,
and on the off chance he was hungry, i had cold green grapes waiting.
he ate like a bird for a few days.
one grape would fill him right up.
but he was good about drinking water,
and progressively got better (after getting over the hump).
it may have taken a full week,
but last nights dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread (2 1/2 pieces!), & carrots proved our boy was back.
and just in time for the nice weather that paid us a visit.
(unfortunately i think it is leaving for the rest of the week.)

and OH YEAH, checked off our zoo challenge goal for april! woo! who would have thought this month would have not given us that many good days.
BUT, to make up for it, today was the best.
a perfect day.
and i am not just saying that!
we saw the baby hippo, a giraffe calf, & the lion cubs!
along with going off the beaten path to get a close up of the ostrich (have you ever really LOOKED at the ostrich? very odd creatures.)
and sat on every available animal statue.

a little humidifier + eucalyptus oil

why did you pull your shorts up so high? "CAUSE I AM SO HOT!"

experimenting with charcoal!

playing with girl toys. nursing the baby.

"i can't fall asleep. i'm to wakeup-y!"

B would have nothing to do with this guy.

such a classic feature of the zoo!

ending april on a high note.


Anonymous said...

So glad he's feeling Bentley-ish again!!!! Auntanne

Beth said...

Hope he's feeling even better! cute lion cub!!

Maryclayre said...

All I can ever think to say is just that I LOVE everything about your blog! Golly - so many good things!!