18 March 2013

sixth anniversary/caroline's golden birthday.

this last weekend was absolutely fabulous.
every day i woke up to some sort of creative note from shawn.
by thursday, i was actually getting nervous because i had been looking forward to the weekends events for so long, what if they didn't live up to my expectations?
sometimes, i think i enjoy looking forward to events, more than the event itself.
that doesn't really make sense, and is embarrassing to admit, but i set my hopes so high!
but i had no need to be nervous, because everything was just perfect.
no, it didn't all go as planned,
but perfect nonetheless.
(yes, nonetheless is alloneword. no, just joking, all one word isn't.)

friday night dad & caroline picked me up (shawn & B had a guys night--working out, getting 5 guys, & meeting me at our hotel. more on that in a minute) & we headed downtown (ok, one more parenthesis, we actually headed back to ashland because someone didn't bring her ID to say she was 16)! but no worries, well, wrong. since caroline & dad don't live at the same house...their address's don't match up (duh) and so he can't sign for her to get her nose pierced. (eeks! did i leave that tiny detail out? we have been planning on this event for over a year...well, i have been planning it for about 10 years..) so anyways, plan B. we went to spaghetti works downtown & while we were waiting for our food to come mom met us & took caroline & got the paperwork figured out in under 15 minutes. so we were back in business! we had a fun meal with lots of laughing (i'm not sure if things were funny, or if we were now nervous about the event we had thought would already be over). afterwords we headed back over to get our names back on the list. i thought it hurt worse than everyone told me it would, caroline thought it wasn't that bad. we ended the evening going to starbucks, only to find it closed (maybe that was our sign that we didn't need coffee at 9:45 pm). earlier in the week shawn had booked a hotel for us, so i got dropped off there! shawn & bentley had only arrived about 15 minutes before me, so we got settled & headed down to the pool! it is so fun to remember the excitement of hotel pools. when we walked in B squatted down & squealed because he just couldn't contain his excitement! we slept in & then went to chick-fil-a for lunch (bentleys most requested place--there is a play area). saturday night shawn & i went on a dinner date! B stayed & glittered & ate candy & watched movies with Elsie (THANKS, ELSIE!!). We enjoyed trying out Longhorns for the first time! We had a really nice time, not rushing, enjoying the evening. sunday was carolines golden birthday! 17 on the 17th. we had brunch after church & then a home cooked meal at mom's to finish up the day.

caroline, i hope you felt loved & special & honored this weekend! i had so much fun celebrating with you! you are absolutely lovely. i'm so proud to call you my sister. i'm so flattered when people think we look alike. i'm so blessed to be apart of your life!

were into glitter these days.

our highlight: coming back from the bathroom to find two seats at the bar & two shirley temples waiting.

our watery eyed reactions!

thanks, dad! such a fun night!

3.16  sixth anniversary!

on our date!

i thought i would throw in a picture of our matching boys at church (baby Will & Sarah)

brunch. at garden cafe

a blur of blowing out candles!


vcr said...

AWESOME weekend!!! i smiled the entire time reading all about it!

Anonymous said...

alloneword = LOL

loooveee youuu so, so much.


Andrea said...

i've been waiting for this post forever! i don't know how it took me 18 hours to see it.

1. i kept reading "alloneword" as "alone word"
2. you guys will be calling him "baby will" until he is 12
3. what a nightmare of events. are you sure you weren't dreaming?
4. those shirley temples look awesome!

Kathy said...

So glad you had such a great weekend. Fun to read about it. You guys could blog everyday for my part. I know, easier to read than post it. Have a great start of your 7th year!