13 March 2013


B enjoyed the snow/throwing handfuls of snow snowballs/icicles. 
it is still so cold & windy outside, but rumor has it sunshine is on the way!
the time change is making me daydream of afternoons at the pool.
thinking of easter outfits.
exciting plans for this weekend {anniversary + carolines golden birthday!}

washing the dishes quickly turned into i need a bath.

working on a caramel macchiato

dinner at my FAVORITE place

breakfast for supper at andreas during the snow storm!

lining up easter decor from grandma kathy

"mom do i look like a poodle?"

he waited all day for dad to come home to build a motorcycle (they have on their helmets)


today we got out glitter (B has had it in his mind to do a glitter project for weeks now) we will have glitter all over our house approximately for ever.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

i was picturing the glitter being at the table. you're right...forever.