27 March 2013

lately // wrapping up march.

we have been playing it low key the past few days...
i got a little kink in my back & it didn't heal up as quickly as i would have liked.
B is a sweet little nurse, giving me kisses, "mama your back just hurt a little bit?"
but i am feel way better, just in time for this warm weather that is headed our way!
i wanted to skip nap time today for a walk, but i didn't think his puggles teachers would appreciate it.

i just realized this is my wrapping up march post!
can you even believe it?
this hasn't been a very "springy" march.
i'm not to sad to see it go.
only 12 more shopping days until april 7th...

i have a cute easter story to share.
but i will save it for next time!

excited to show his craft from andreas!

we went for a little drive in the country.

and laughed when we got caught taking pictures.

we have started going to library time! so fun!

when i woke him up to go he said he was to tired. but when we left he said "that was fun, mom! and i'm not tired any more!"

snuggle time with jed & B

roasting marshmallows with dad

"mom can i be a hero? i'm gonna need a cape."

extra kisses for my back hurting.

reading the bible before bed

"working" outside with dad (he is actually having a snack. he grabbed a bar & found a spot to enjoy it all on his own)

more library time! i can't get over how cute he is in those headphones

my favorite dressing at Jayz is the creamy garlic.


Andrea said...

maybe B can use those sticks from our house and have an Easter marshmallow roast with Peeps!

Anonymous said...

Adorb pics!!! My fave is Bible Time with Woody! He is growing so fast! Super hero phase is so fun. Hope we c u in the spring♥ auntanne

Beth said...

Feel better! I love that Bible pic, too! Exciting lessons -

Kathy said...

Love to see B's imagination. Roasting marshmallows, awesome hero, and I'm so glad Woody got to stay in Omaha and while he is there he is faithfully continuing his devotions. And Bentley does have such a tender heart - he will have cared a lot his mommy not feeling well.