01 April 2013

over the weekend.

friday. good friday service with my sisters.

saturday. caroline & i drove out to wahoo for my best friend from childhood, annette's baby shower! we also drove past the house i grew up in.
AND we completed March of my zoo challenge.
an absolutely gorgeous day!
it is always special when shawn is the friend we bring along.
saturday night we went & grilled out at my dads. B was outside with grandpa tim, letting the dog sniff around. B says "what is he doing?" "oh dogs just sniff around, maybe he can smell a bunny" B, nose in the air & taking a big whiff exclaims "i don't smell any bunnys!"

another quote from saturday night: after a busy weekend, the house was a bit cluttery. i really wanted to go into the holiday/sunday with things picked up. i asked shawn if he would do a quick vacuum while i tidied up. i was checking on B in the living room. "who is vacuuming?" "dad is! he is helping me clean!" "WHAT?! dad is not the cleaner! YOU are the cleaner!" he could not believe it. (haha. sorry future daughter-in-law.)

this little monkey made chattering sounds our whole zoo trip.

oh so that's where the flamingos go during the winter!

he mastered this climbing wall!

always fun when dad comes! riding the carousal!

getting some chairs out to enjoy the nice weather!

easter! church & then lunch with family.
a quick story goes along with this easter basket: (we didn't grow up doing easter baskets) one night during the week, we had been reading our easter book & were talking about how easter is a holiday where we remember what jesus did for us & how exciting it is. B chimes in "YES! and i am so excited to wear my new tie AND get an easter basket FILLED with candy! i went easy on the candy, but he still got his easter basket.

he says "WOW! are these eggs andreas?" (yes, they are. i had borrowed them)

brought a few goodies along for the ride.

i can't blame him. it was sunny.

missing sisters 2 & 3

we went with the jean jacket theme this year.

a big smile to appease us.


Beth said...

The tree on the corner!! I love Bentley's new hero eyewear, too.

Andrea said...

blue pants! i did not see those in the instagram pictures! i love them. let's all (moms and boys) wear our colored jeans next time!

Andrea said...

P.S. Start scoping out material for B's Easter 2014 tie. I've got it taken care of.