04 March 2013

last week.

last week we undertook something kinda big.
andrea accepted a substitue job for a whole week!
we had Jedidiah over here for 5 days straight.
tuesday morning we were all kind of tired,
but by wednesday we could see the light & the week went great!
the moms might have been tired from the extra work, but they boys had a lot of fun.
(i thought andrea...{and you?} might enjoy seeing a few more pictures from our week)

avocados for lunch =...

bath time! (bath colors, not dirty water)

they played for over half an hour...i finally pulled the little prunes out!

grocery store field trip

our simmering supper

out to lunch on friday

you lookin at me?

friday afternoon. worn out!

saturday morning coffee with caroline!

saturday afternoon nap with dad

watching girls state basketball

"dad you run, i'll coach you!"

"DJ you been the green monster, i'll be the blue monster." (yes, he is wearing a dress of MINE from when i was little that he loves to pull out)

and our promise for this morning/week! (from summer's 50 promises collection)


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Andrea said...

if bathtime is that fun, they won't even know what to do with themselves when we get our pool passes!