28 February 2013

wrapping up February!

this is secretly a fun month to wrap up.
in my mind, it is the last month of winter (i suppose on the calendar too)
& March brings spring!

my goal for March is to GET OUTSIDE!
we have been really cooped up.
it has just been cold & windy.
not ideal outside conditions at all.

we have wrapped up basketball season.
it was the most tearful end of the season (for me) we have had yet.
we didn't qualify for nationals (we have the last 2 seasons),
and we had our two seniors, who were freshman when shawn took over the program.
when they both fouled out with about a minute left in our game, i found myself teary-eyed knowing they won't be playing with us again.
and when i finally get that under control, the game is over, and our player offers to pray over both teams.
once again, so teary-eyed! (actually, its happening again as i type) i was SO proud of the character that reflected. that we could lose (and we didn't play well either) but still thank God for safety & fun.

shopping for swim trunks, trying to convince me he needs a fedora
at the hotel (for regionals) for all of 5 minutes. ready to swim!

practice at k-state!

watching the guys team--the gym was SO hot!

congrats to our mens team!

home to watch Elsie play basketball!

and Caroline cheer!

AND....A very special birthday wish (a day late) to my sister, Maryclayre! Happy 24th birthday, Mary! What a special year this will be! I hope you can enjoy & savor every minute of all the changes & adventures.
love, me 
at hilton head island...when I was 24. we wanted to be brave & adventurous--and we were! this picture included, we had a lady take a picture of us before we went body boarding. after our time was up we went to look at the camera & she hadn't actually taken it! so we went back to the rental guy & had him snap a photo. this moment HAD to be documented. that is probably why there aren't any pictures of us catchin' sweet waves...the lady was supposed to be taking pictures...;)

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