19 February 2013

i wanted to post yesterday.
but i was stressed.
did i blink when they said a metor might hit earth? (or whatever was supposed to happen)
was i consumed with anxiety because shawns dress pants were lost at the dry cleaners?
it's so silly how little things get me.
i had to CONTINUALLY pray, sing, & ready my verse to rid myself of the worry.
this weeks verse from summer harm's 50 promises collection

and you know what?
they found them.
it is just the little things that are my test AND my joy.

SO, back to re-caping our weekend...

we had a super fun weekend (jared even called it a stay-cation)! grandma & grandpa came to town PLUS leo, debby, blake, & brooke came up from kansas to visit britney--but we all spent a lot of time together. eating out, going to the zoo, hanging out. it was great to have family time. B just loves every minute...and then crashes & cries & we try to convince them that he usually isn't so hysterical...

orange leaf frozen yogurt

grandma & grandpa hadn't been to the zoo since 1970!

so excited to complete month #2 in our zoo challenge!

high light: watching the sloth have lunch.

grandmas glasses

so tired (yes, that is a sucker)


summer said...

AWESOME, ANNA!!! I get stressed about pants and stuff, too!

Anonymous said...

i love that grandma kathy and grandpa phil havent been to the zoo since 1970.


Kathy said...

We had so much fun and love that Bentley gets so excited when we come.
He looks so funny with my glasses on. What a clown, - "Just joking" So glad we were able to make it to #2 trip to the zoo. That was such a good idea. We really enjoyed the zoo.