01 February 2013

a few sweet bentley stories/phrases for your friday!

when he points something out to me, "mom look at that star" he quickly follows it with "how me know that?" KNOWING that was going to be the question i ask him.

he is getting really good at rhyming! and it's a favorite thing to do in the car. rhyming animals.

he continually tells me i am the BEST mama in the world.

"mom, are these vitamins sugar or real food?" 

and my favorite...from last night...
he had chosen an easter book to read. as we talked about jesus dying on the cross for us, and how the ladies were sad, but then they were happy because jesus is alive! waiting for us in heaven! he looked over the pages, pondered, then said shyly, "umm, i wanna kiss him." so we did. gave jesus on the cross a kiss of thankfulness & love.


Kathy said...

Loved reading about things Bentley does. That rhyming is very advanced I feel. Thanks for being such a good mommy to him. He knows so much and learns so much because you take time for him.

beth said...

I agree! plus, he's so sweet.