31 January 2013

the last day of the month.

i can't decide which is more exciting to me, the last day of the month, or the following day. the first. there is something so refreshing about turning your calendar to a new page, beginning a new month. but it is also fun to recognize the last day in the month, to look back & see just what you did with your days! so...just what did the kliewers do with the month of january (that i haven't already shared with you)?
a date! this doesn't happen often so it was fun to enjoy sitting & talking & eating at our own pace.

games have become a winter night favorite pastime (playing basketball in the living room is also a fave)

EVERY morning this cheery guy brings me whatever he can find next to the bed. a toy, blanket, earrings, etc.

still going to cheer on our girls & coach.

grandma came over to hang out & read books.

jedidiah came to play--"look, diah! we are SHARING"

we bentley let him feed himself his own banana.

banana bread for our puggles teachers!

artwork from puggles

a special latte (my first) made for caroline!

new water bottle! "bubba" brand which is what addy calls B. he thought it was pretty special.

another special night out--the grace university production of little women the musical!

it was SO well done. caroline & i were choked up a lot. sister stories will do that.

monday evenings are spent at CBC bringing dinner to dad & playing

shawn refs the mens league

a snow day that we finally ventured out in

a whole day spent with these guys who didn't have school. it felt like christmas break all over again!

my goal was to read the bible (in chronological order) in a year. i was only 30 days off that goal! (i added an addendum to my original goal: must be done by 1/31)

 and speaking of goals. shawns is to have a picture with bentley & basketballs every year. so ideally, you take it on his birthday. but we didn't. and shawn wondered if we should abandon the idea. NO! so i added it to MY to-do list. and now we have one, even if he is 2 1/2. (you will have to wait until his graduation party slide show to see the rest...)

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