12 February 2013

every days.

this first part of the month seems to have past by us just having every days.
normal days.
i like those kind of days.
basketball season is all-of-the-sudden wrapping up.
tonight is the last regular season game--regional tournament to follow next weekend.

we mailed a valentines package to our south carolina relatives.
i love valentines.
brings back many memories of making our own cut out hearts & carefully pasting doilies, decorating laundry soap boxes, & trading with home school friends. and then eating all that soapy candy.

we have fun things to look forward to as the month continues & heads to a close--valentines date, valentines party, grandma & grandpa coming to town, going out of town for the regional tournament, & a marathon of days babysitting cousin jedidiah!

i ordered a few awesome pieces for our house. more to come on them.

super bowl snacks at addys grandmas house. B knew exactly what snack he wanted!

this years seniors--who were freshman when shawn started

maybe these haven't been regular days--because it's not every day one of our basketball girls gets proposed to!

"dad is going to say this is so awesome"

my sweet helper taking care of cousin jedidiah!

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Andrea said...

I love that he's playing Legos with mittens on.