19 January 2013

zoo challenge.

i have 3 new years resolutions.
one of them i decided on yesterday.
zoo challenge.
go to the zoo at least once a month for a year!
if it is possible to go to the zoo in january, then this challenge should be do-able!

andrea & jed were our friends who came with us yesterday, but anyone who wants to join us in the adventure is more than welcome!

while the temperature was a balmy 53, it still was nice to be indoors most of the time.
a water main break sent us the long way around to see the gorillas.
bentley really had his heart set on seeing the rhinoceros, but going up the steepest hill & to the farthest corner of the zoo wasn't on andrea & i's schedule.    


vcr said...

thats a great challenge! if we were in nebraska we'd totally be up for it too:)
side note...i love of bentley will sit in a stroller. gage would NEVER sit in one anymore. like seriously, he turned one and refuses. both our boys refused it, i'm going to try my hardest with logan:)

Anneliese said...

celine thats so funny! bentley LOVES his stroller. it is very special to him :) he loves to talk about places we have taken it & if he sees it always wants to go on a walk!

Sharalee Klein said...

We haven't been in a couple months and really need to get back. Zoo passes are an amazing investment - we LOVE the zoo!

Kathy said...

Remember to save one month for us, We haven't been to the zoo for quite a few years. haha. (since we were in college there)This would be extra special with B and Jed.