21 January 2013

5 things...

you may have seen on instagram that there is a little game going around where you post a picture
of yourself + 5 things people may not know about you. i got tagged in it, so while i was thinking of things about myself i compiled a little list. i came up with a few more than 5 & i thought it would be fun to share!

1. i went to a one room schoolhouse for 5th & 6th grade.
2. my husband & i met on a blind date.
3. i LOVE mondays.
4.i showed goats & rabbits in 4-H. i also entered sewing & baking projects in the county fair.
5.i have my teaching degree (but have yet been paid to teach).
6. bentley has slept in our bed every night since he has been born.
7. i am really proud to be the oldest of 6 kids. 
8. natural birth is one of my favorite conversation topics.
9. TCM is the first channel i check with i turn the tv on.
10.i heat up my eyelash curler with the blow dryer before i use it.
11. i drive a 4-door pick up.
12. i am allergic to dogs.
13. i love to mow the lawn.
14. i know the zoo like the back of my hand. seriously. i can get you where you want to go.

do you have 5 things i might not know about you? go ahead, do tell! it's fun!


Andrea said...

here's one thing i don't know about you.....why did you write this post so early in the morning?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i was so excited when i saw you posted something bright and early on monday morning.