17 January 2013

right now.

right now...
it's nap time.
i have a friends 2 little boys over today.
it's been wild, but the injuries have been minimal (one stepping on a hotwheels car, one getting hammered on by their little brother).
we have had a lot of snacks--little ALL boys are hungry little creatures.

i am thankful to be at this point in the week, in the month.
we made it through sickness,
through 4 basketball games in one week,
the christmas decor is down, sorted, away.
(side note: bentley was not happy to put it all away OR about the fact that we don't turn our outdoor christmas lights on anymore. he was trying to convince me that even though it is not christmas time, it is still ok for the outdoor lights to be on.)

watching caroline cheer in the gym where someday he will play!

the FIRST time in his life he has fallen asleep on his own.

poor sick little guy!

going out to eat with the girls while shawn was on the road with the team

yes, he is posing.

the boys feeling much better! doing tricks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this post.
I love the boys doing tricks.
I love me holding bentley in his FUTURE gym.
I love him posing.
I love...everything.