30 January 2013

the last 4 wednesdays i have worked at jayz cafe (my moms cafe in ashland, opened this summer).
i love talking to the old people who come in--they have some great stories!
i MUST write down orders. or it leaves my brain.
moms who have kids in high school actually think i am caroline.
each tuesday night i have alarm clock anxiety & can't sleep well.
i'm learning how to make some nice foam on my lattes.
i also can make a pretty mean chai. (i know, i know, i'm a few years late on the whole barista thing)
today was a snowday...so we were a little late for work. actually, we just came in for soup & cleaning. (yes, it is a freezing cold snow day here & B wanted his shirt off so that he wouldn't get soup on it.)
i love to bus the tables & run the giant dishwasher.
i almost always forget to ask about sides & have to go back to the table.

its crazy how fast this month has gone---but its also crazy that at the beginning we were celebrating the new year. i'll be back tomorrow with a few more pictures from the month.

ps. in case you were wondering, B goes over to andrea's while i work. he loves it & looks forward to "helping" her with 'diah.

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Kathy said...

Fun to hear about your job. Hmmm lookin forward to some great service the next time we come to Jayz.ha