03 January 2013

our christmas{es}.

sorting through all of these pictures is helping me remember what a wonderful christmas season we celebrated! it seems like it must have gone fast, since it is already over, but i'm pretty sure we enjoyed every minute!

we started off our celebrations with the kliewers the weekend before christmas.
a snow storm kept us from leaving wednesday (the 19th) night, & the roads were a little bit slick in places thursday morning, but we made it to atkinson safe & sound. and i will gladly take slow travel for a white christmas! (while we were there we also measured bentley {you are "supposed" to when boys are 2 1/2 to estimate how tall they will be} so for the record, bentley is currently 3'1.)

you may or may not know that we go to the gas station at 3:30 everyday (while in atkinson) for pop

moms hour out. to the cutest christmas shop--hot cider included!

omelets in a bag--hot water + all the ingredients in a baggie make a mean omelet!
 {quick outdoor photo shoot with andrea!}

remember baby bentley in this outfit? andrea gave it to him for his first christmas

jedidiahs first christmas present!

bentley gladly showed him the ropes

his very own real camera!

and legos gas station set!

helping jared & andrea practice a song for church

we headed back to omaha on christmas eve's eve.
we went straight to dean & kerris house for our thompson party (usually held the day after christmas). it was an absolutely wonderful time with cousins! so, so fun to reconnect & laugh together---like we have done for so many years. we then went home & bentley threw up. this was the first time he has ever thrown up (excluding his baby spit up days). it was so sad! but he seemed to feel fine in between getting sick & slept it off, feeling back to normal in the morning! but then i was sick. i mustered through the day, going to grandmothers & doing our burke christmas---mary & darrin drove through the night to be there! i did nap through christmas eve church & met back up with everyone at meemas for dinner & our annual reading & singing. there were 21 out of 23 cousins at meemas. once again, even though not feeling the best, a wonderful time spent with family. laughing. we laugh a lot. a very noisy bunch. we ended christmas eve at moms house. bentley & addy in matching pajamas...and caroline & i also pulled out some gems.

christmas morning i awoke my two sleeping beautys---kami & caroline came over to sleep at our house since mary & darrin stayed at moms & we all headed out to moms house for christmas morning! this year, i identified that christmas morning brunch at my moms is my most favorite tradition. that afternoon we came home, napped, ate dinner here & did our family christmas. and then decided to go back over to moms for late night coffee, pie, & phase 10! definitely a NEW tradition!

every present he opened "i don't know what it is!?"

fell asleep still hiding from a loud nose we heard when leaving moms
the day after christmas we went over to dad & tammys. this was the first christmas going there. it was really fun & we had appetizers, opened presents, & played ping pong.  then, when they were ready for bed, we went back to moms for more PHASE 10! (it was the christmas of phase 10!)

dad, darrin, & shawn out to hit a few golf balls

the next few days went quickly running errands, hanging out with more cousins, & eating at moms cafe.

miss adelynne begged for her ears pierced for her second birthday. "not three birthday, two"

on saturday (the 29th), we caravan-ed with all the kliewers (& hornaceks) down to kansas to celebrate our reimer family chistmas & new years. we had so much fun with all the little cousins, checking on a mama cow who the uncles brought into the barn to have her calf...but she never had it! but checking was still fun. we did our ladies in-service, played games, & ate all of our favorite foods.
you know a potty break (on the side of the interstate) is a must when he starts to cry

when we got to kansas, we snuck up on our cousins by caroling!

sunday morning dawned bright & early. new christmas clothes from maddie!

to many big guys on a little couch.

my mug!

a white christmas! we woke up new years eve to a beautiful snowfall

new years cookies. a family tradition.

happy new year!

how we celebrated

how the boys celebrated
the holidays are so fun!
we aren't rushing things here, the christmas tree is still up...and probably will be for a few more days. 
but there is also something to a fresh calendar, playing with new toys & doing laundry at home.
plus now we can look forward to summer, right?


Kathy said...

Fun to see all over again what we did. Even the everyday stuff like getting pop at 330 is so fun to see in pictures. Enjoyed seeing your other get-togethers too.

Kathy said...

I love that pic where Jed & Bentley are laying on the floor with their Santa hats. Looks like Jed is slyly suggesting something to B. Bentley isn't sure if they should do it. Then the next pic they decided to go ahead.