21 December 2012

december days.

do i start out every post the same way?
this month is flying by.
we have been busy with parties, basketball games, shopping, working, & enjoying a snow storm.
before the actual Christmas weekend begins, i wanted to wrap up all the other things we have been enjoying.
truly, the most wonderful time of the year.
bentleys favorite song is the 12 days of christmas.
LOVES the nativity story.
excited for presents.
loves Christmas lights---notices lights on other houses that look like ours.
candy canes are his favorite.
requested a staff like santa & joseph (unless santa finds a chimney in our house, i don't know if there will be one under the tree)
has fun cheering on his basketball girls.

merry christmas!
& a happy new year.
maybe the games aren't exciting enough...

grandpa tim sent some special game snacks along- gummy bears!

we did have a sick day. lemon & honey tea does wonders!

he wanted a boat that floats...

and surprise! kami came home for christmas early! we helped mom with a catering event

my paperwhite bloomed!

B got to decorate his first gingerbread house!

my little monkey jumping on the bed

i missed my first gu home game in 4 years to be able to see carolines christmas concert!

running our last Christmas errands--i got coffee & he asked for a muffin. how could i say no?!

turning on the lights as the snow began to fall

celebrating snow by wrapping presents

vintage paper from betty & judys

the snow!

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