02 December 2012

last week...


(light up tree we brought back with us from kansas {yes, we have 2 trees}) "this is harding! i mean, this is hard work!"

found some valentines candy in with the christmas

set up the nativity! this is one of my most favorite things.

went & cut down our christmas tree!

he loved riding in this wagon

totally reclined, pointing out trees for us to look at

you wouldn't believe it, but this was actually a cold day!

we found our tree for christmas 2012!

(caroline sent me this picture from puggles) ms. sally: bentley what is something you are thankful for? B: COWS!

hanging the first ornament on grandmothers tree!

cousin jedidiah was with us that day. he loved reading books with aunt beth!

and rolling around on grandmothers bed!

friday morning started off bright & early with a 6+ hour roadtrip with the basketball team

we made it to barclay college---ready for the game!

he has pregame down. prayer & then national anthem.

and apparently knows how to peel his own oranges.

and cheer on his team.

a good win for our team--and a happy birthday to the coach!

"lets play tennis, but i don't have a...paddle?" a racket. "oh, racket. here's a leaf!"


Andrea said...

this is harding. ha! it's so funny how he catches his mistakes.

beth said...

I miss Jed!