07 December 2012

a christmasy friday.

happy friday!
aren't we just blowing through the days of december?
we finally got our act together & got the tree decorated.
bentley has been loving all things baby jesus.
he was doing a christmas story recap for shawn,
"and mary was so excited to hold baby jesus, but joseph couldn't. cause he was holding his stick."
we sing jingle bells a lot.
and away in a manger.

we have had one basketball game (tuesday), one tonight, and one saturday! luckily they are all at home, but it still can make for a busy weekend. add in a christmas party following each game this weekend & we are booked up. 

Clark Shawn got the lights up! literally did a "joy to the wor.." and the fuses blew.

"hey mom look, i'm a reindeer!"

an amazon package from my dad!

trimming the tree

tuesdays game (we won!)

at this point you catch yourself thinking "how can i justify a tree all year round?!"

joseph holding his stick.

and i couldn't resist a batch of meemas sugar cookies!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I can't believe how fast it's flying by! I'm glad it's not just me...

Andrea said...

fab fam pic. ha! i typed it and truly did not mean to shorten every word.