26 November 2012

our turkey trot.

we made the trip down to kansas again this year for thanksgiving.
it is one of the few trips that you can pack for---knowing what you will be doing practically every minute of the visit!
let's just say it is a weekend very heavy in tradition.
bentley fully enjoyed his weekend.
playing with cousins, feeding the cows, sneaking candy from grandma.
he was a great traveler & what is better than a weekend on the farm?!

the morning of--making pear salad!

pie crust ready!

ready to go in the oven!

using grandma reimers pie carrier!

thanksgiving meal

a full table!

loving some pumpkin pie!

ladies inservice. initials!

thanks, brooke for the supplies!

sweet little logan!

warm & sunny kansas

waiting to see santa!

jed was excited for his candy bag.

4 months apart--bentley & gage

boys & the ipad

bentley & lane

last night in kansas--stayed up late watching a hallmark christmas movie

last stop before home--starbucks!

moon to welcome us home

and today he took a 4 hour nap.


Unknown said...

Looks like another succesful trip to Kansas :)


Kathy said...

Yep. That was it! You were so right when you said it is a very deep traditional groove. We told so many people that. Very predictable weekend. Loved that all of you could come. The more the merrier.

elsie :) said...

i feel like in the pictures with bent & lane & gage, they all look a lot alike! definitely related! so precious! looks like a fun weekend! :)