20 September 2012

today, we...

went to the zoo with andrea & cousin jedidiah!
it was a beautiful fall day!
both boys totally enjoyed their day outside, looking at the animals.
believe it or not, we haven't been to the petting zoo with bentley recently.
i was pleasantly surprised on how much he loved all the little goats.

and we ended our day with a workout at Grace University.
shawn played basketball with the mens team.
bentley & i were in the gym watching & i wasn't paying attention to what was going on,
but the next thing i knew bentley had ran over to me, needing his shirt off.
oh yes, dad has just taken his off.
like father, like son.
i can just picture him being a 10 year old, thinking he is big enough to play with the college guys.


Anonymous said...

look at bentleys calf muscles in the picture where he is getting a "grooming tool"!!! :) sooo cute.

Beth said...

Jed's little face popping up out of his carseat cracks me up! Looks like so much fun at the zoo.