18 September 2012

around here...

we have been...
picking up fresh milk from the farm.

going to puggles! in case you were wondering, a puggle IS a baby platypus. adorbs.

texting caroline on the calculator. while wearing goggles & backwards boxers.

"mom, i need a sweatshirt! so cold!" i can't argue to much with his reasoning. this morning i thought, if only my shorts were longer, then i wouldn't be so cold! umm, how about PANTS!

eating our favorite saturday treat.

making a fun saturday night run to wal-mart. (yes, we were parked. OR andrea & i are some of the riskiest moms you know.)

working on church baby shower prep! i'll let you know how it all turns out.

taking colorful baths!

watching baby Jed who always likes to be in style--pajama jeans!

i love hanging out here! and i love using the couch as a chew toy.
singing "this is the day (the Lord has made)" to cousin.

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Beth said...

That is sooo funny! I wonder what he was texting to Caroline. Cutie Baby Jed!!