09 September 2012

fall-ish things...

it's september & fall is quickly approaching.
we have been doing fall-ish things like...

lighting pumpkin pie candles.
wearing sweatshirts in the morning.
going to football games (cheering on the cheerleaders).
doing touch up paint in every room of the house (don't know if that is actually a fall thing, but it's been happening).
cheering on the huskers.
getting outside toys cleaned up & stored away.
watching cousin jedidiah (school has started & andrea has done two days of substitute teaching).
eating our apples with cream cheese/cinnamon/caramel dip. 

two bentley notables:
1. his running joke is to label everything "uncle" ex: uncle mom, uncle toys, i need an uncle snack, etc.
2. if i do not respond to his "MOM!" in about 2 seconds, i get a "HEY BABE!". i'm not the only one. if you do not answer, he will get your attention the same way.

a rare falling asleep in my lap moment.
baby jed enjoys his time at our house!
muffins at aunt annes.
fresh pears.
ready for football season!

enjoying a walk after a saturday of football watching.
labor day weekend church outside!
breakfast with maddie!
went to wal-mart with dad. came home with a hot wheels car. i love how boys know how to play with cars.

first night of puggles! (the 2 year old awana program)
he came home saying "god made light. god made eberyting!"

"mom i take picur of you. send it to addy"

while doing paint touch up...the wall paper also came down!
waking up to find your cousin at your house is the best.

don't tell his mom. they were watching some micky mouse.

"mom, no shirt on diah. just tummies!"

as you can tell, i sent lots of pictures to his mom. also, sneak peak into what paint replaced the wallpaper!

aunt anne & cousins dropped by to visit. Jed loved showing off.

went & watched some dirt bikes. bentley was in heaven!

me & my shadow.

ready for the ashland football game!

there is our cheerleader!

saturday morning breakfast at jayz cafe with the kliewers! wish we could do it every saturday!

last nights husker game snack. a smoothie made by aunt kerri! (jareds wife)


Andrea said...

i loved this post! i just realized that i was smiling all the way through it. it may have had something to do with the fact that jedidiah was featured several times. :) look at bentley with his cool guy hair for the football game! ha!

Kathy said...

I loved all the pictures to. I think I was smiling thru all of them too. Sounds like a good deal - meet you Sat at Jayz Cafe.

Uncle Maryclayre said...

Such a good blog!!!! Love fall time...and Bentleys dimples...and how much he adores baby jed...ahh all good things!!