27 August 2012

weekend zoo trip!

we have been wanting to go to the zoo as a family for a while now---but it seems to be one of those things that gets pushed back/forgotten about. but we finally got it on the calendar & went! Shawn has only been to the zoo twice in his life. i'm pretty sure i have gone at least twice A YEAR for my whole life. it was a rainy day, but the zoo was still pretty crowded. it was really fun for shawn to see everything, and for me to see it through his eyes! i am acting like we didn't take a 2 year old with us too. oh yeah, he loved it even more! it was shocking how he could spot animals out really well, before i had a chance to point them out to him.

catching fish!

 i couldn't choose what picture i liked best!


Anonymous said...

awesome pics. it is true. I went to zoo on my 8th grade field trip but was more excited to be in omaha than at the zoo. and then went with my biology class while at grace after convincing the teacher we should. that time I was more excited to be out of class than at the zoo. so this was kind of my first trip to the zoo.

vcr said...

fun family day!

vcr said...

...side note, gage on almost every picture asks "me? or bentee?" he can't tell the difference in most of the pics whos who, ha! i asked him, "do you remember going to do the zoo & sitting there on the gorilla with shawn?" "umm, nope, bentee!"