06 August 2012

sarpy co. fair

another year of the fair has come & gone.
and i'm pretty sure we made the most out of it.
we walked down every night (including the night before, just to see how set up was going).
on friday, we had 3 couples + two babies (who are exactly one week apart) join us for the rodeo.
we grilled out at our house before, and then all walked down to the fair grounds.
it was a great rodeo, perfect weather, tons of fun!
but i didn't take ONE picture!

our one adjustment for next years fair experience...
play bingo.
it always looks so fun! but we have never done it.

we have tested out every lawn mower & small tractor.

the sarpy serenaders. a barbershop group. i think you have to be over 70 to join.

it was so hot that night (i promise he did start out with a shirt on)

our supper from the methodist church booth. lets just say we are still talking about the gravy.

first night the rides were open, he HAD to drive this fire truck!

fireworks to start off the fair!

these sheep were the size of ponies!

and this bunny? i couldn't get over how huge it was! so hilarious (or creepy)

B stayed home on friday, so saturday we took him down to the rodeo!

boots are one-ish size to big. but once he found them he was wearing them.

fair 2012. last night down to the fair grounds to walk around. (boots again)

bentley finished out the fair by riding the carousel!

i was dizzy just watching.


Beth said...

sooo fun! Anna, you need to get a sparkly belt for next year's rodeo!

Kathy said...

That is right. Next year - sparkly belt and boots for you. (xmas money?? ha) So many good pictures. What's neat is - you live close enough to walk. Feels like you are always a part of it.

Anneliese said...

kathy- i had the boots! wore them every night :) next year a good touch would be a sparkly belt! maybe i will even bring my boots to burwell :)