31 July 2012

dog days of summer.

it kinda seems like i just wrapped up june.
and here we are summing up july.
it has been a fast & furious summer.
and hot.
but you will never hear me complain about the heat!

it's fun for me to pull out these pictures from july that never made it into their own post.
just a round up of the random, every day things.
which sometimes are the most fun.

bought the cutest stamps! reminded me of my 9 year old self & my stamp collection.

sent some letters to camp!

visited aunt kerris sheep! (he was concerned about the ear tags)

you know it's hot when your pool toys are ice cubes.

lining up toys, taking pictures of them.

writing his thank you notes!

playing "memory game"

sisters summer toes

after hours in the target toy aisle, we finally picked out this collection to spend his gift card on.

somebody is hogging the pillow!

after bath, in jammies, outside popsicle

visiting aunt kami after her mouth surgery

CBC ladies s'mores night!

had to make some shade for snack time

out to eat with matching cousins!
date to the sumpter amphitheater

the other half of the picture...

our annual date! 5th year in a row.

anything you can do, i can do better

my favorite dinner. hamburger & onion pizza

picking up aunt caroline from the airport!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I got those stamps too! The post office lady said, "let me guess...birth announcements?"