13 June 2012

vacation: part 2

the second half of our trip was spent in kansas helping with the wheat harvest.
i think this was the most time i have ever spent out in the fields- bentley couldn't get enough!
he "talked" on the radio, rode in the truck to take wheat into the elevator, knew that the ticket goes into the glove box, & also knows that if you ask nicely, the lady will give you an ice cold pepsi!
our shirts this year were a tribute to grandma & grandpa reimer.
this was the first harvest we have done without both of them here.
we all sent in words or phrases that described them, & lindsey kliewer designed them.
they were totally cool! it was amazing to hear all the wonderful words that describe them.
we also had a fun time sorting through things from grandma & grandpas house.
lets just say, we brought home twice as much stuff that we left with.
(and it isn't unpacking itself.)
the first gem. (i will post some photos of other thing too!)
ready to make his first trip out to the field!
he needed his sunglasses. just like dad.

does anyone see little bentley in uncle wayne?!
our shirts!

these boys were always up to something!
and this little guy! growing!

excited about his black licorice
so so dirty!
morning coffee in the field!

pop out in the field!
changing the tire on the combine.

can't get enough of those rolls!

snow cones to celebrate the end of harvest!

bentley loves his cousin!
a little smile out of my sick + teething almost 2 year old.

toy auction!
our new collection!
babies were on the same feeding schedule!
there was barely room for us.
i would say that it was another great harvest!
can't wait till next year!
bentley will probably want to DRIVE the trucks...so maybe i can wait.


Maryclayre said...

WOW!!! what a great post! What a fun time of year...I have always loved how the Reimers/Kliewers always make stuff like Harvest, fun! Too bad Bubba was sick/teething, but you guys made the most of it! Great pictures! I can't wait for the summer that Addy gets to join in on the fun ;)
I can't get enough of baby Jed either! What a cutie!

Kathy said...

Wow, you covered it so well. Great pics. Rd 23, the elevator, grain running in, truck ride, the buddies standing beside the road. All so good.