24 June 2012


 a letter to my two year old.

dear bentley von,

today we celebrated your SECOND birthday! it was a really fun day-starting off with you getting your new bike (which you have been asking about for months!) and doughnuts (which were also a request). we had a fun lunch party with some family & hung out here at home. we stayed inside for most of the day because it is so sweltering hot! it was fun to sit & talk about memories of when you were born. the stress of not knowing how long it would take, and the pure joy & relief of when you were born. i'm sure i say this every time, but i can remember so clearly your dad saying "it's a BOY!" and all i thought was "i don't even care." not that i didn't care about you, but just knowing YOU, our baby was safe & sound & out in the world, that was all i needed to know. 

this past year you have grown so much. you are talking up a storm! a new phrase is "stop doing that" (which is corrected into PLEASE stop doing that). you assign descriptive colors to things. i think usually it is just a shot in the dark, but sometimes you are right. (sit in the black chair-you mean blue.) you are good at playing toys, but have more fun if dad is doing it with you. you are clingy to me, and a terrible eater. you always say you want strawberries, but then usually don't. you are still working on using your potty chair & prefer to be naked. you say "no like it" if you don't like something-and you always have an opinion on if you like or dislike things. you always ask to use your body wash in the bath & still like to be all wrapped up like a "bath baby" when you are all done. you are sweet & observant. i had made a birthday banner for you & when you saw it you said "mom, WOW!" you tell me that i am pretty. you ALWAYS want to go somewhere. you will suggest options like "grandmas?" or "wal-mart?"

you are such a joy, bentley von kliewer! we are so thankful to have you in our family. i know god is going to use you for something special. we are so glad you are ours. you aren't my tiny baby anymore, but the little boy your are becoming is something that i can be proud of.

i love you, mom

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