12 June 2012

vacation : part 1

we are home! after almost 2 weeks gone & almost 3,000 miles traveled. we are home. so I will start off with a recap of the first half of our vacation; an overnight drive to South Carolina to visit Darrin, Mary, & Addy! we left at 1:30 pm on Thursday & arrived Friday morning about 7:15 am.  the drive went surprisingly well. Bentley was a great traveler! we were greeted by Mary & Addy at the end of their driveway. Bentley was so excited to see them! it all kind of seems like a dream once you finally reach your destination.  Shawn & I both went in to sleep for a while, I woke up after a couple hours & was so excited just to be there, that I got up. after a little coffee, we were ready to start our vacation!
going out to eat
staying IN and making dinner
starbucks drive-thru with the kids (who had woken up to early) in diapers
going to the pool
laying out on marys deck
going to newspring church
baking cookies for the guys + letting them talk us into watching planet of the apes
watching Darrin & Shawn laugh
chic-fil-a / chic-fil-a sauce on my chicken sandwich
going to the produce market
peach cobbler
going on walks/pulling the kids in the wagon
a GREAT way to pass time!

can you guess where we are?
night driving entertainment

GOOD MORNING! we made it!

crashed. played hard all morning.

we can watch MOVIES in the car?!

new flip-flops!

moms afternoon out= pedicures!

their perfect spot.
2 year molars coming in.
ready for church!

one of my favorite south carolina restaurants!

new shades!

produce market

used our fresh peaches for cobbler!
bye-bye, baby buns!
my little traveler!
on the road: somewhere in alabama
thank you for hosting us, Dick family! just being able to do life with you is a blessing. 

coming up next, vacation: part 2 (harvest)

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Maryclayre said...

Great photos! You did such a good job capturing our time together...it went by to fast! I hope your trip to SC can become a tradition :) :) always the week before harvest, of course!