07 October 2011

let's recap, shall we?

mary & addy came for a visit.
thursday (9.22) morning bentley & i headed to the airport! he ate a banana while we waited & talked to a little girl. mom & elsie made it in the nick of time. (sidenote: no school for the kids that day. why? no power...sounds suspicious to me) it is always the best feeling finally seeing the people you are waiting for walk out of the gate. so, first things first, runza for lunch!

 next, the first of many volleyball games.
good thing we have popcorn to get us through.
this was elsies game. we also went to some of kamis Grace games, and got to watch caroline cheer at an ashland home volleyball game.

 we were lucky enough to sneak in a few walks to the park! B figured out he can go down the slides by himself. addy watched.
 this was at kami's volleyball. taking a nap with grandpa.
 we also spent a few afternoons/ate dinner at moms. addy loved the trampoline!

 the zoo.
we went....twice!
i have a zoo pass, so its a free + entertaining walk!

 (apparently it isn't that entertaining)
 on wednesday, (i guess who cares what day...i am kind of smashing all of our activities together...) we went out into the country. to visit aunt anne. (she lives in a real life long cabin!) the kids played so hard. by the time we left, they both were asleep in their seats in under a minute.
 bath time.
we had to show addy that baths can be fun! (she is in the i don't like baths stage)
 get out enough toys, and anything is fun!
 ah, and then the target trip.
we got the suburban cart.
(have you ever pushed one of these things?! they are as giant as they look.)
addy only lasted in her seat for a few minutes, B only a few after that. he then used it as a moving jungle gym for the rest of the trip. i'm sure everyone was thinking, if you are going to be carrying your babies, maybe don't be pushing the biggest cart the store has to offer...
we got popcorn.
that got bentley back in his seat & happy.
there is something old fashioned & lovely about shopping + eating some popcorn. (memo to self: buy popcorn every target trip.)

 addy now thinks she is a peer to bentley. never mind the 6th month spread. she enjoyed a variety of snacks! her new fave? rice cakes. bentley, on the other hand, still views adelynne as a tiny baby. holding out his arms when he sees her--to hold her. it is to die for.

 second trip to the zoo...
the giraffes were so close!
it was super cool.

 thanks for coming to visit us!
we miss you already & are counting down the days till your next visit.

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