13 October 2011


{you are right, old school jean manufacturers, snaps up the ENTIRE inseam is a great idea for a squirly little toddler.} 
 we are loving the fall weather (although i fear the really cold days. i guess we will just have to bundle up! there is something about boys & having to go outside.)

bentley doesn't know it yet, but he is about the best weekend.ever. we are headed up to Ponca state park. its an annual trip with my dads side of the family. it's a lot of playing in the leaves & in the dirt, going on walks, and eating. all of B's fave things. i'm going to have one dirty, tired, happy boy.
apparently he knows how to rake? he is maturing to fast. this is apparent in his new found taste for coffee. he got into some last week while playing in the car. i came around the corner to find him slouched down in the seat, coffee all over his shirt, drinking away. so now, every morning, he HOUNDS me for my mug. he thinks its pretty funny.
have a great weekend (early)!
i know we will. 

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Andrea said...

mussel beach. hilar.