10 June 2011

 this week has had some perfect june days. and they were spent at the pool. B has been loving it! hanging out with friends + water! i've been totally impressed with his swimshirt + spf 50 combo. he has a slight farmers tan, but never got pink at all! that makes me feel good knowing he can play outside on the hottest of days, but still be protected!

a story: we went to mahoney state park on tuesday. it was super windy so it wasn't very enjoyable for B (sad, cause i know he would normally love it.) we were sitting on our towels in the grass during rest break & there was a mom & her son right behind us. he was probably 2 years old, crying because he hadn't wanted to get out of the pool. B hears him crying, stands up & stares. the mom sees him & tells her son, "see that little boy isn't crying" blah blah, so her son stops to look at bentley. well, wouldn't you know it, but B toddles right on up, puts his arm around the lady's neck, and snuggles in on her lap! oh my. she didn't mind because her son was entertained. so for the rest of the break, she got out toys, dumped water on the toys & the boys played. it was so cute!

he has had a fun week, to say the least.
and i'm thinking next week will be even more fun...harvest!

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