14 June 2011

watching dad mow.

did i really just post 19 pictures of B looking out the window?
you betcha.
it was back & forth, back & forth.
the mower would get to close so he would run over to me.
then, it would seem quiet, so back to the window he went.
it was pretty entertaining for the both of us.

well, these are my parting pictures. we are off to kansas in about an hour!
so why am i on the computer? procrastination.
we will be back next week....


auntanneneemann said...

Anna, I LOVE that little stool! It's perf for him! I can't wait to hear where he pushed it next. Like to use it to get to the Oreo's on the counter. haha have fun at harvest!

Andrea said...

my fave is the one where he's laughing and closing his eyes!