18 March 2011

i feel like i am always "behind" on my blog.
cause in my perfect world i blog every day.
i also weigh less than i did in high school.
(we are still talking about the skewed perfect world ideas)
and since NEITHER of those are happening anytime soon....
lets just enjoy the blogging that does happen,
and the jeans that fit.

anna, awkward analogy.
it just came to me.

so we are back!
me & B from south carolina, shawn from ohio!
i brought back hand me downs, new clothes, & pictures.
shawn brought back 6th place at the national tournament.
we both had great trips!

we were pretty laid back during our time in sc.
with two babies there isn't a lot you can schedule.
i think my favorite part was waking up & having my cup of coffee handed to me, or maybe it was holding my niece, or relaxing with my sisters, getting our toes done, having constant help with my baby, eating at fun places, shopping, watching netflicks, staying up late + sleeping in (ok ok, you're  right, we do that at home too)....
i think the whole trip was my favorite.
it was just a good time.
we drove 16 hours there through the night.
and 16 hours back.
it actually isn't as horrible as you would think.
i wanted to scream at the gas station attendant " IT'S 3:30 AM & I AM BUYING COFFEE AND A PACK OF GUM....AREN'T YOU INTERESTED IN WHAT WE ARE DOING?!"

well, enough of the chit chat
finally holding this sweet girl

i didn't put this up on facebook but i thought i could here...where there aren't as many jr. highers, or awkward ex-boyfriends...but this will be classic someday. i love it.

what shawn was doing...

quick bath!

i'll leave you with baby buns...
and if you want to see a few more pictures you should be able to view them here

happy friday! 
tonight we get to have my moms homemade pizza.
i feel like i haven't had it since high school...i'm excited.


Unknown said...

you said it, perfectly!! I love all the pictures!

summer said...

these photos are FANTASTIC! what a fun visit, girls:) i especially loved the one that will be classic someday. how was the homemade pizza?!

ps. addy's wide-eyes are amazing!

Anneliese said...

the pizza was great! i'm learning it is all in the cheese...