02 March 2011

house keeping!

it is march. WOW!
on sunday i saw a flock of robins. i hope that is the sign the spring is right around the corner!
bentley turned 8 months last week.

i got the photos taken...but ran out of time to post.
why? because we were in springfield, mo WINNING the regional championship to go to NATIONALS! woohoo!
way to go coach kliewer, regional coach of the year.
this is the FIRST time the grace women have made it to the nccaa national tournament.
we won in overtime.
i can't go into the details because i will start getting shaky & nervous & having chest pains & a headache again.
i get way to into it.
do you see that little guy? he bee-lined out to the center of the court.

this is how bentley celebrated the win.

all that being said....shawn is headed to ohio for nationals...and i am headed to south carolina to meet my baby niece! it is so awesome how all this ended up working out! i thought i wouldn't be able to meet her until they came here in may.  i am so so excited!

and finally, a few things about my 8 month old...
you can tell by the pictures that he is active.
as the months progress we get fewer pictures in the chair.
he is working on his 4th top tooth.
this one has been a bit more troublesome than the rest....
he is pretty happy during the day, but seems to get a low fever at night & can't sleep very well.
and trust me, those teeth work. i don't think they have been conscious bites....but they still leave marks.
he tries to stand on his own...
he tries to eat whatever we do...

he smiles when he sees people.
he is such a sweet guy.
do i say that every month?

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