27 February 2011

22 things...

twentytwo things about my sister who turned 22 today...

she is a wife.
she is a mom.
she is good at both. (does that count as one of my 22 things? eh, we will go with it)
she is generous.
she doesn't get jokes very quickly.
she is great at trying out new recipes.
she is an awesome cook!
she is a terrible baker.
she loves my baby.
she loves all of us.
she is love-able. (this girl has more friends!)
she is a morning person.
she is a movie person.
she isn't one to sugar coat something.
she makes her relationship with Christ personal.
she takes time to take a bath.
she is economical. good on her budget.
she is photogenic.
she spills.
she organizes.
she is nice.
she is mary.

love you.
can't believe february 27 is here again.
i have loved this date since i was three years old.
it still reminds me of jelly beans. from your fifth birthday party...


Unknown said...

thanks for the post! i love how well you know me...you are too nice! SO can't wait to see you THIS Friday!! That birthday party was the best!

summer said...

i love this!!!
happy birthday, mary!