03 November 2010


i know, you had your doubts. did something actually happen to the kliewers & we didn't hear? did all of anna's fingers get amputated & we didn't send flowers? actually, there is no dramatic excuse. we just have been up to our ears busy with the everyday. so lets see, where to start....

1.bentley turned 4 months old. picture & info post to come.
2. my sister came from south carolina. it was a blast. bentley loves her.
3. we went "camping" (what do you call a camping trip where you all stay in cabins? cabining?) ponca post & pictures to come.
4. we hosted halloween 8. that is, shawn has now hosted or planned 8 extreme halloween parties. if you do the math, i have only for 5 of these. if i do say so myself, it was a smashing success. more party info & pictures to come.
5. bentley was crabby yesterday. he then slept for 8 hours straight, ate, fell right back asleep & is pushing 4 hours now...
6. we have our first basketball game this weekend.
7. my sister played her last high school volleyball game. biter sweet. after watching her for 4 years it is hard to even believe it is over! i have my fingers crossed that she will play somewhere in college...close to home...::hint hint::...but we will see.

well, i am sure there is way more....but i now already owe you at least 3 more posts....so i better get workin! you know you are behind in blogging when there are tons of pictures to upload from your camera. well, i was going to leave you with some cute snaps of bentley...but it is "loading" for tooooo long. don't worry! i will be back soon! xoxo

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