15 October 2010

is it friday again?

1. how do the weeks go so fast?
2. today i have to get done everything that didn't get done monday-thursday.
3. yesterday, i failed the hidden camera test. my aunt stopped over with 2 minute notice & my house was a disaster.
4. we have been logging some serious miles on our walks this week!
5. i have bananas to make banana bread. (if i say i have bananas, then do i just say to make bread? the bananas are understood? try typing banana 4, now 5 times. its harder than it looks.)
6. my sister flys in from south carolina this coming up wednesday...that got decided 2 days ago.
7. we are going to the pumpkin patch tonight.
8. i am going grocery shopping next week. i have an awesome stash of coupons. (actually, it is more than a stash, they are organized in baseball card sleeves in a notebook. geek!) do you use coupons? i'm a rookie. (no baseball card pun intended)
9. excited for the big game tomorrow.
10. i think i will try this recipe for my apples.
11. i turned on the heater this morning. we were a good 10 degrees below the "comfort zone".
12. do you have your halloween costume ready? or at least an idea?
13. forget the chores, i better go work on that.


Andrea said...

speaking of chores...i have SO much to do before Ellen starts. 18 minutes. i gotta go.

before i go...it took me about 4 times of reading through the banana comment before i figured out what you were asking. i hate to say, i don't think that you can call it just bread.

Maryclayre Dick said...

I have some frozen bananas ready to make b. bread!
I can't wait to come home! I already started packing...ha!
I am excited for the game...even though after last years game I swore off football forever...my heart just couldn't handle it.
Your comfort zone drives me nuts. I was comfortable hot in that zone in July. Maybe it will be in my favor this time :)
PLEASE make those apples when I am there...or save me one. I am bad at caramel apples...but I want a good one!

AuntAnneNeemann said...

"disaster" house is a house that is well loved! Who wants a clean house when there is a baby to hold and coupons to clip??

AuntAnneNeemann said...

And your house looked GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to stop by again!!!!

Anneliese said...

aunt anne! i have finally pulled you out of the comment woodwork.... :) please stop by ANYTIME! i loved it.

Maryclayre Dick said...

AUNT ANNE COMMENTS??!?! i am jealous/glad she knows how to...she is sooooo outed. and I will be expecting comments on my blog :)