04 November 2010

4 months

as of 10.24.10 we have ourselves a 4 month old.
weight: 16 3/4 lbs
height: 29 inches
sleeps: new record of 8 hours straight ( two nights in a row!)
plays: in the excersaucer, or as we like to call it, the "office". is enjoying tummy time more by looking at himself in the mirror & talking to his raggedy andy doll. and when all else fails, rolling onto his back.
wears: size 3 diaper, 6-9 clothes (and even some of those are to short!)
news: he might be teething. he has had the "symptoms" for a couple weeks now. including his first runny nose.


Maryclayre Dick said...

mini shawn is so cute and getting so "big"!

Andrea said...

haha..little B is getting so big! i did not expect him to sit in that chair like an adult. aren't you glad you thought of the monthly pictures (before it was too late) and actually have followed through?

Dana V said...

I can't believe how big bentley is!! 29" long! the twins just had their 6 month appointment and Owen was 28" long...your guys gonna play basketball for sure! exciting he's starting to sleep...what a relief!