12 October 2010

over the weekend

we survived the car trip! not only did we survive, we thrived. bentley could not have been better! activities included car seat toys, the pacifier (which is a once in a blue moon occurrence), reading books, & when he thought he was about out of options...i got out my laptop & he watched Peanuts cartoons for 20 minutes! it was beyond cute. and to top it all off...he slept for the rest of the time! what a guy.
he didn't want to show his excitement
sometimes it works better if we both hold it

 once we got to grandmas, it was a breeze. bentley loved hanging out! he even loved sleeping! on saturday morning, he woke up at 6:15, ate, went back to sleep.....he woke up again (i assumed it was about 8:15) so we stumbled downstairs to change his diaper...i was surprised kathy wasn't sleeping in, oh wait. it was 11:15! so we had a nice, relaxing saturday.

bentley loved sitting & talking to grandma. to bad i couldn't capture his hilarious smiles he was giving her!
this is the funnies picture bentley has to date. so feel free to laugh.
some of us relaxed, others worked. i won't name names.
these days, bentley is really loving watching football with his dad!
and this is what the ride home looked like! we had a great time while in atkinson (shawn & i even tossed the football around for a while). and on monday, i even got everything put away (including the giant box of baby clothes we brought home). hurray for a successful road trip with a 3 month old!


Maryclayre Dick said...

Ohhh Linus. You get me everytime too.
I did laugh at his funny face!
So glad you had a nice, fall weekend!

Andrea said...

i have to say that i also laughed O.L. before i read that i had permission to.

i wanna go home so badly! just looking at the living room made me want to be sitting in the recliner drinking pop. it couldn't be more relaxing!

does B have two "what happens at grandma's..." shirts??

Anneliese said...

he does have two w.h.a.g.s.a.g's shirts. so what better time to wear them!? i drank wild cherry pepsi.

Andrea said...

i feel like that would have been a very hard string of letters to type!

beth said...

Those are the cutest pics ever!! Hilarious of that one face talking to Grandma. haha. and that one where your hand is "hiding" under his blanket to hold his head. haha. Glad you guys had fun!

vcr said...

loved these pictures, all of them!

...do you guys remember when we went up to atkinson in sept., i think, went on a long walk and saw that one amazing red tree? i.want.to.go.back!

Andrea said...

oh yes!! that tree is amazing!

Anneliese said...

shawn & i went to see the tree! but we are a week (or so) to late. it was practically bare!