08 October 2010

friday love.

loving our  "October"shirt. goal: wear it once a week till halloween.
not loving the car seat.

loving his book!

naps! he is getting better at waking up when i lay him down, but then snuggling in & going back to sleep.

still loving the bath. (he has started "noticing" the camera. smiles disappear/ interested only in the camera!)

wish us luck. we are off to grandmas! and if you refer to the car seat picture, it might be a little bit stressful. but.....you never know! he could love it. fingers crossed. 


Andrea said...

what time of the day did you post this!?! of course i checked your blog in my daily routine, but i didn't really expect anything new.

that picture of him reading that book is so cute! when did he become a miniature again? he was like 8 years old the last time i commented.

the pouty face is so funny!

i wish i was going to grandma's!!

Kathy said...

That pouty face is really funny when I'm not responsible for what is to follow.
Tonight keep reminding him where you're going. I'm sure he will quiet right down and wait those 3 1/2 hours very patiently.

Maryclayre Dick said...

I love him. so much! These pictures are sooo cute!!