07 July 2010


living in a new house sometimes means you need to freshen things up a bit. a girlfriend came over & gave me this as a new mom gift. naturally, i plugged it in right away...and i am LOVING it! very bright, citrusy, + summery! just what i needed. there is something about walking into a room & smelling a pleasant scent. very comforting & relaxing.

in other news,  my sister is on her way from georgia to come visit me (or really, visit the baby). i am SO excited...plus she needs the practice...she is going to be a mommy in december! yay for more cousins!


vcr said...

yes, yes, yes, we have this one in our house now in candle form and plug in thingy. delicious!

Creativechaos said...

Your baby is adorable! Have fun with your sister.