13 July 2010

mother moment.

i've experienced {what i would call} my first "mother moment".
Bentley was 18 days old.
We were at my moms house.
He had just been fed & changed. This equals a content, lightly dozing babe.
My youngest sister had been patiently waiting her turn to snuggle with her only favorite nephew.
The living room was crowded with relatives, all out talking eachother & the tv.
We made a successful hand off & i ducked into the kitchen for a little more of Meema's apple pie.
I thought I heard a crying baby a few seconds later.
Snarfing down my pie,
I literally plowed down Uncle Herold & his walker (ok, not literally, but i did tell him to MOVE!).
I got to my baby & sister (who was also stuck in the crowded room so there wasn't much she could do to calm the baby).
I picked him up, resting his head in the palm of my hand & said Bentley,
you are ok.
he instantly stopped crying.
you just ate.
he relaxed his body.
you are sleeping.
he perked his ears to my voice.
you are sitting with your auntie & you love her.
his mouth slowly gaped as he completely relaxed.

he then went back to auntie elsie & was happy to snuggle in her arms.

my mother moment.
now, don't get me wrong...that magic has only happened once. but it was amazing.
usually it is Dad who has the magic touch...i am the one who gets him all riled up.
but if it can happen a few more times in his life, i will be good. 


summer said...

how incredible. i can't even imagine how good it felt to be his mom at that moment. this is just so sweet, anna! i love it!

vcr said...

so sweet, makes you melt:)