06 July 2010

4th of july

bentley wore his little firecracker outfit. i had this washed & ready for my baby to wear. i thought that forsure doomed me to having a baby after the 4th. i couldn't have been more ecstatic to be bring my baby dressed in his outfit with me to the party.
we got all snuggled in & went to grandmas!
thank goodness for jello salad. i like to think that a red, white, & blue layered jell-o is my specialty. next year i will take those duties back over.
shawn likes to think that fireworks are his specialty. he did not miss a year of bringing his goods to the party.
joe started off the day walking through smoke bombs...
before we knew it, he had his own punk...
and was lighting his own firecrackers. 
 he also liked just hanging out with the guys.

according to the amount of fireworks that were lit, root beer floats {with homemade ice cream} that were consumed, and hotdogs that were eaten, i would say it was a successful holiday in everyones book. plus aunts & uncles, great-aunts & uncles, grandparents & great-grandparents all got a chance to hold the baby...so that makes any get-together fun.
{our first family photo where i am not wearing a hospital gown.}

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Kathy said...

It started out to be a real rainy, dreary 4th, but the sun did come out towards evening. It was a good day just being with you guys. Thanks for letting us join you at the Thompson 4th celebration. Bentley looks so cute in his outfit.